103249Name: Adriana
Year of Birth:
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Showjumping up to 120cm
Color: Dark Grey
Height: 168cm
History: Owned by two owners, last owner from age of 4, when started showjumping career. No known traumas or other health problems.
Character: Acts adequately in every situation, is brave seeing new and colorful obstacles, isn’t getting stressed in new places, has got fighters character.
Training: Trained up to 110cm, prepared for 120cm, at this moment participates in national level competitions up to 110cm.
Rider: Is suitable for junior riders and children who have already started their showjumping career.
Examination: I class X – rays, vet check can be done upon prior request
Pedigree: http://zirgudb.lszaa.lv/horses/details/42635
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-8I9jDpRco

IMG_3461 (640x427)Name: Don Rasson
Year of birth: 2008
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Dressage up to level M
Color: Dukan Bay
Height: 168cm
History: Owned by two owners, second owner from age of 3, till the age of 8 ridden by one of the best amateur riders in Latvia, from 2016 ridden by a young rider and prepared for dressage competitions. All history is known!
Character: Can get tense in extreme situations, is hardworking and diligent, the horse is with fighters character.
Training: Trained up to 110cm courses in showjumping, last year started training in dressage, this year participating in level M.
Rider: Suitable for strong but touchy riders, needs worthy attitude, won’t be suitable for aggressive and inexperienced riders.
Examination: II class X – rays,vet check with flexions can be done upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://zirgudb.lszaa.lv/horses/details/37990

Name: Avelīns
Year of birth: 2008
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Dressage up to level M
Color: Bay
Height: 168cm
History: The last owner is his second owner, as well the rider who prepared him up to level M
Character: Easy going,  lovely and isn’t bulky at all, hardworking in new places can get nervous, but isn’t  getting hot and extreme, just needs more time for him to relax.
Training: Prepared for level L, schooled and trained up to level M, in the competition scores up to 65%
Rider: Will be suitable for everyone! Can be ridden in forests, roads, fields, and arenas, as hobby riders, as small round athletes will have an interest working with him.
Examination: I class X- Rays, vet check with flexions can be done upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://www.lwhorse.lv/Horses/Card.aspx?id=36907
The alternative – http://zirgudb.lszaa.lv/horses/details/36907
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZLnL8yAo3Y&t=4s


Name: Amaranth
Year of birth: 2009
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Showjumping up to 130
Color: Gray
Height: 170
History: Bought directly from the breeder, has been ridden by best Baltic show jumping adult riders. Has never been forced and prepared according to the age.
Character: Stallion for this horse is just a name, loves attention from people, isn’t aggressive, spooky or dangerous. The horse always is Focused on cooperation.
Training: Horse is schooled up to 130cm courses, competes up to 120cm and daily is trained with an amateur rider up to 125cm.
Rider: As the horse is ridden by the adult rider and amateur rider, he is suitable and well prepared for younger riders who need to jump up to 125cm classes in the competitions. And it won’t be a problem to handle the horse for those riders who are willing to train up to middle round classes.
Examination: I class X rays. New x rays or vet check can be done upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://www.lwhorse.lv/Horses/Card.aspx?id=39248
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBqM