Tinkijs_Vinkijs_Tonijs_Triks_Name: Tinkijs Vinkijs Tonijs Triks
Year of birth: 2008
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Driving/Showjumping
Color: Foxy
Height: 148
History: Owned by one owner from the first day, loved, cared and never forced, never has been injured.
Character: Small horse with big and brave heart, easy with children, you must have a super extreme situation to spook and surprise the pony.
Training: Trained in carriage driving, showjumping and a little bit in dressage. In Carriage driving participates up to Intermediate level, last year participated in CH class with 12 years old girl. In showjumping schooled in 115cm, trained up to 110cm, last year participated up to 90cm with the first season rider.
Rider: Suitable for everyone, perfect for children and hobby riders, beginners and those who want to start their competition season. He is a great schoolmaster.
Examination: Vet check and x rays can be done upon prior request.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqFPvm2isRA

Karls_romosName: Karl
Year of birth: 2011
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Showjumping
Color: Foxy
Height: 168
History: Owned by one owner from age of 2, the owner is a rider as well, competition and preparing the horse for competition, working daily with the professional adult rider.
Character: Without bad habits, isn’t getting tense in new situations, fast adapts and isn’t getting crazy, always listens to the rider, is acting adequately in new situations.
Training: Schooled up to 125cm courses, competed up to 100cm with the amateur rider, trained up to 115cm with an amateur rider.
Rider: Suitable for stronger children, juniors, and young riders for small round competition.
Examination: X-rays are done as the vet check, can be sent upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://www.lwhorse.lv/Horses/Card.aspx?id=45470
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22c_nI7V6bk