43283bName: Donnerdame
Year of birth: 2010
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Dressage
Color:  Bay
Height: 165cm
History: Owned by one owner, cared and loved, carefully prepared for competitions. Is one year late because of the foal.
Character: Donnerdame is an elegant and lovely mare with great future. She has three excellent basic gaits, especially walk (3 foot over track) and exceptional temperament. She is easy to ride!
Training: She has been carefully and professionally trained up to Second level test. Donnerdame has small show experience and has competed at First level with scores an average of 69%. At the moment she is trained as 5-yo level by dressage rider.
Rider: Suitable for ambitious amateurs, young riders, and athletes.
Examination: No traumas or ailments in all these years, x rays, and vet check can be done upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://www.lwhorse.lv/Horses/Card.aspx?id=40874
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wSs2MBv_70&t=177s


115846Name: Alazars
Year of birth: 2009
Breed: Latvian Warmblood
Discipline: Showjumping
Color:  Bay
Height: 16cm
History: Owner has been the same from the day horse was born. History of the health is known from the first day so everything can be checked.
Character: Alazars is handling the competition stress and acting great in new unknown situations. Isn’t from those who will check all your pockets but is a great teammate.
Training; Schooled up to 120cm courses, competing up to 110cm courses but at home is trained in 100cm courses with junior rider and children.
Rider: Suitable for amateurs, juniors and those riders who want to compete up to 115cm.
Examination: X- rays and vet- check can be done upon prior request.
Pedigree: http://www.lwhorse.lv/Horses/Card.aspx?id=38987